Style Director Lisa styles for Fabletics at Aveda on shoot with Bella West.

September, 2017

Wow it's been a busy few months!!!  It all started in January when I heard from AvedaUk that I'd won a uk based competition.  Just before Christmas last year I entered these 3 photographs of my work to an Aveda instagram competition

So exciting!

The prize was to take part with two other winners from separate competitions in a photo shoot mentored by Aveda educators Jo McKay, Jade Goodie & Jack Cunningham-Rose.........exciting!
We were given a brief of an athleisure related theme and that Fabletics , sports clothing company started by actress Kate Hudson would be supplying the clothes.  We then had to create mood boards with our ideas.

I had so much fun putting this together.  After several mood boards going back & forth this was my final mood board.
I really wanted my look to be Yoga Focused.
More & more people are jumping on board with clean living, yoga.
I think it's a trend that will only get stronger & her to stay.
We then started discussing what would happen on the day & at that point they hadn't organised the photographer!
Not missing a chance I quickly got my great & very talented fine art photographer Bella West involved.
I've worked with Bella on many projects & knew she would be perfect.

On the day I was so nervous , not knowing what to expect!
I was soon put at ease by the lovely Akash who had organised the whole event.
We were introduced to our models , I was assigned to the beautiful Anastasia.
I have to say all my ideas about what I was planning to do went out of the window when I saw she had a fringe!
A lot like my day to day work in the salon I had to think on my feet !

I started to create my look , my model reminded me of Audrey Hepburn &I wanted to stay sympathetic to her own style.
I finished my look feeling quite relaxed & like in the salon I was totally engrossed in what I was doing & once I'd finished & my model was having her makeup done I had a chance to look around & take in what the other stylists were doing.
I had a complete wobble about my creation!!!
The others were doing such intricate braiding & creative styles, truly amazing & I really doubted myself & was ready to take the whole thing down & start again.
Jade our salon educator came over & asked me what I was doing.
I blurted out mines not good enough!
She soon convinced me to have a little faith in myself & that it was a good thing that my look was different & it reflected who I am as a stylist.
She was so right & the whole experience taught me a lot about myself as a stylist.
I like beautiful hair & classic timeless style.

We then had to have interviews for the Aveda instagram story & creative head magazine while Bella worked her magic behind the lense .
We all took lots of behind the scenes photos & these are my favourites.


I can't thank everyone at Aveda for all there support & advice I got on the day, the whole experience was amazing.
I came back with new found belief in myself that was invaluable .
I enjoyed every minute of it, even the nerves haha !
All in all this was one of the best experiences in my whole hairdressing career.

I was absolutely blown away by Bella West's work.
Her photographs are stunning as always.
So proud of them I couldn't stop looking at them.